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COVID-19 Important Information

Dear Patients of Ditmars Family Dental,

We have made the decision to temporarily stop routine dental care in our office due to the uncertain nature of the Coronavirus. This includes regularly scheduled cleanings and appointments for items such as filings and other services -- if you have an appointment scheduled, we will contact to book a new one. However, we are absolutely open for emergency services. Should you experience sharp pain, swelling, a broken tooth, bridge, or urgent dental distress please do not hesitate to contact us.

This decision was not made lightly but based on the recommendations of leaders in the dental community, the American Dental Association, as well as our government. We understand this may cause some inconvenience but we wanted to ensure we are taking all necessary steps to prevent further spread of the virus.

If you have any questions or any dental concerns we WILL be answering our phones. Please do not worry, if you or someone in your family has a dental emergency we will still be able to see you in our office using our enhanced sterilization protocols.

We are so grateful to have such wonderful patients in our practice. Please take care of yourself and your family and we will be here to help you with your dental needs. Please wash your hands regularly, enforce social distancing and don't forget to brush your teeth too.


Ditmars Family Dental

Office Guidelines

Every instrument we use is sterilized before each use, if an item cannot be sterilized it is disposed of after its use, every surface (i.e. dental chair, door handles etc.) is wiped down with a disinfectant in between each patient and the water given in the dental chairs is specially filtered. Chair covers are being replaced every time a PT gets out of the chair. PPE is enforced for all office staff. As a requirement, all assistants change into their uniform in office which includes, the use of masks, gloves, a surgical gown is being enforced as dress code in addition to our usual scrubs.

We advise PTs that have experience respiratory issues in the last 14 days to reschedule, or call when symptoms have completely stopped.

During the lockdown we were seeing PTs for dental emergencies such as a broken tooth, infection, swelling and severe pain. All PTs will be called back to reschedule their pre-existing and future appointments. So do not worry, we are keeping a detailed list of everyone’s treatment and will reach out as soon as possible.

Temperature is taken as soon as PT walks in. We require PTs to wash their hands and gloves are provided to resume check in.

When arriving to an appointment to our office for an emergency, please keep in mind you will be required to wear a mask. Also, no more than 1 person is allowed in the waiting room. So, if you bring company please tell them to either wait outside or in a car if any. If you have traveled in a car to our office, you can help us by calling in upon arrival and when doctor is ready, we will ask you to come in.

Updating your information is easy and can be done online with zero contact. Call or ask the front desk to send you a link for the update on office forms whether you are an existing or new patient.